• What is the SLE-key® Rule Out Test and how can it help me?

    SLE-key® is a simple blood test that analyzes a patient’s blood for the presence of a certain set of antibodies that would indicate the presence of lupus (SLE). While lupus has traditionally been a difficult disease to diagnose, the SLE-key® test can rule out the presence of lupus a high level of confidence. Ruling out a diagnosis of lupus can help your physician focus on other possible diagnoses and appropriate treatments.

  • Should I ask my doctor to give me an SLE-key® test?

    If you have several symptoms that might be associated with lupus, talk to your rheumatologist about SLE-key. The test has the potential to help your doctor get an accurate diagnosis within just a few days, and help lead to the most appropriate course of treatment. Research indicates that the SLE-key® test provides accurate diagnostic results. In fact, two-thirds of patients who had tested positive for lupus using the ANA test were actually found to not have lupus as a result of an SLE-key® test, in both a research and clinical setting.

  • How much does the SLE-key® test cost and will my insurance cover it?

    Like most questions dealing with healthcare costs, the answer is, it depends. Many insurance providers cover the test both in and out of network. Medicare and Medicaid do cover SLE-key. While your physician should be able to give you an estimate on the cost of the test prior to administering it, our team is also available to answer your questions. Please call us at 1-877-429-8210 or by email at info@ SLE-key.com.

  • How do I order an SLE-key® test?

    The SLE-key® test can be ordered by your physician. If you suspect you might have lupus, consult with your doctor about whether or not the test is appropriate. Because the test is relatively new, your physician may not yet be aware that this simple, and accurate blood test is now available. Should you need additional help, you can also reach our support team at 1-804-709-0144.

  • What is the SLE-key® testing process?

    The SLE-key® test is performed by drawing your blood, similar to other lab tests. In order to be tested, you will need to go to your doctor, who will administer the test. The medical staff at your physician’s office will draw blood from you and send it to VERACIS®, our testing lab for processing. Your doctor will then receive a comprehensive report that can help diagnose your condition within a few days.