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Our understanding of the immune system today focuses less on the traditional concept of a defense system against pathogens, but rather, on the vast array of cells continuously surveying the body. As these cells sense changes in the state of tissues, they respond by mounting a proper response, whether that be in wound healing, bone repair, organ regeneration or various other vital activities.

In autoimmune diseases like SLE, changes in the auto-antibody patterns cause and reflect the disease process, and it is based on these unique patterns that we can now derive some diagnostic conclusions.

ImmunArray’s pioneering technology – based on the patented iCHIP® – analyzes the presence of certain patterns of antibodies – a diagnostic fingerprint, if you will – which can then lead to a conclusive diagnosis. Through a simple blood test, ImmunArray’s SLE-key can rule out the presence of lupus with unparalleled levels of accuracy. In fact, two-thirds of patients who tested positive for lupus using the ANA test were subsequently found through the SLE-key Rule-Out test not to have SLE.

ImmunArray’s testing platform is currently being broadened to focus on the diagnosis of other autoimmune diseases as well as traumatic brain injury.

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